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The evidence of the damage smoking does to the body increases daily; it is not only the tobacco that smokers should be concerned about but other dangerous chemicals out of the 4,000 ingredients that make up a cigarette. Some common ingredients include ammonia-a household cleaner, arsenic-a chemical used in rat poisons, cyanide-a deadly poison, potanium-a cancer causing radioactive, etc. No one would intentionally expose those close to them to such dangerous chemicals- so why expose ourselves to it?

In addition, cigarette taxes were increased recently and smokers are now paying $2.75 per pack in state taxes, bringing the average cost of cigarettes in New York City to about $8; $10 in some stores. Smokers who smoke a pack a day will now be spending $2,920.00 a year. Those smoking two packs a day will be spending $5,840.00 a year- a hefty sum to quell an addiction. Surely the money can be put to better use. Quitting not only makes the body healthier but the wallet and the bank accounts too- and that is something everyone wants in such turmoil times.

It is never too late to start saving our money but is it too late to start saving our bodies? Of course not! If a smoker quits today, the benefits can be instantaneous. Twenty minutes after a smoker quits smoking, his blood pressure, heart rate and the temperature of his hands and feet normalize. Eight hours later the oxygen and carbon dioxide level of the blood normalize. A day later, the likelihood of having a heart attack decreases. After five years the risk of cancer of the lung, mouth, throat and esophagus is half that of a pack a day smoker and after 15 years a smoker is no longer at risk of heart disease compared to a person who never smoked. Those who quit are now open to many new activities- physical activities can be done with more ease and the boost of energy from quitting may bring a quitter closer to those around them. Deciding to live a healthier life is not only beneficial to the smoker but also to the smoker’s family members, friends, co-workers-all of whom may have been exposed to second hand smoking.

While smokers may face reasons the quit everyday, a smoker must ultimately have the desire to quit. There are nicotine patches and help lines to help smokers quit, but for some, such methods have proven futile, so turn to different methods such as acupuncture and the use of the Electro Medical Stim Flex 400. As explained in the article You can Quit Smoking Without Withdrawal Symptoms the machine can stimulate nerves and open them up again, giving smokers a fresh start. This machine stimulates the nerve through electrical stimulation, similar to methods used in acupuncture, but is more effective. If money and health is not reason enough to stop smoking, think of the satisfaction a quitter can receive from accomplishing such a feat; therefore call us, Ying Eastern Acupuncture, today in order to start treatment and put the machine that is said to help smokers quit after just one session to use. We believe in the effectiveness of this machine so much that we offer those who are not able to quit after one session, a second session free of charge. There is so much to gain when it comes to quitting. Let us help you start a new life- call us at 845-297-2266 today.

You Can Quit Smoking Without Withdrawal Symptoms

By: Ester Belz

Within 10 minutes, most smokes bodies can be returned to behaving like a nonsmokers. If they choose to be treated with electrical stimulation.

The Electro Medical Stim Flex 400 is the $4,000 machine used to stimulate nerve endings, alleviating the nicotine cravings experienced by seasoned smokers.

However, the desire to quit is vital to success, since this procedure operates only on the physical level and not the mental, said David Gilmore, M.A. Administrator of Vocational & Rehabilitation Services at the Center for Pain Control and Rehabilitation at Lee Memorial Hospital.

Rose Carpenter, a 68-year-old registered nurse, began smoking at the age of 16. Carpenter was treated at Lee Memorial on April 30, 1990 and has not smoked since that day.

Carpenter claimed that this was the best $150 she had ever invested: “I don’t know how it works, but it does- and I hope it will last.” She said.

After 50 years as a smoker, William Gregory is now living a smoke-free life. He started when he was 17 and stopped following one treatment in August 1989.

It will only work for those that want to stop. Gregory said. I did, so it worked for me: my neighbor really didn’t want to stop, so it didn’t work for her.

The success rate for one-time treatment is estimated at 80 percent, and studies show that 90 percent of the treatment’s success depends on the person wanting to give up smoking, said Linda Hammons, administrative coordinator.

The cost for the treatment is $150- a small investment, considering that a chain smoker spends over $150 a month on cigarettes, Gillmore said.

Although most patients require only one treatment, others may need a second one. Whether it immediately follows the first treatment, or is received five years later, the cost if $150, Gilmore said.

Records at the center showed that Eugene Atchinson went through two unsuccessful treatments. When he filled out a follow-up survey, Atchinson blamed his lack of mental preparation for not being able to say no and quit. Hammons said. Atchinson was not available for comment at deadline Friday.

Surveys conducted by the center show that 30 days after treatment, the success rate is 80 percent. The center is currently following up on the success for those treated six months and a year ago.

The treatment involves working with the Gate Theory, which states that nicotine’s addictiveness closes the nerves, preventing the smoker from determining the dangers of smoking. Instead, the smoker believes that smoking is part of natural processes such as breathing, sleeping and eating, Gilmore said.

The machine utilizes a metal rod that contacts three nerves on the surface of the ear, where every nerve ending is located, opening them with electrical stimulation. The three nerves the rod stimulates are connected to the lungs, a relaxation point called shenmin and point zero, a re-balancing point, Gilmore said.

When the rod, about 3/4 of an inch in diameter, was applied to this writers hand, a slight stimulation like a pencil pressing into the skin could be felt. There was no pain associated with the feeling.

Treatment relieves the patient’s withdrawal symptoms so he no longer physically needs the cigarette, although he may want it. If the individual smokes after treatment, he will experience nausea and dizziness similar to a non-smoker trying cigarettes for the first time, since the gate of the nerve endings is now open.

Following treatment, the individual should remove any reminders of smoking such as cigarettes, ashtrays and matches, Gilmore said.

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