Testimonials from our patients Top Rated Acupuncturist In NYC

Dr. Zhao is unequivocally, the finest alternative medicine practioner in New York. She is highly intuitive, compassionate, empathetic and able to zero in on the exact "chi" blockage, eliminating pain and anguish within a session or two. During the past 30+ years, having received acupuncture treatments, throughout highly diverse countries, I have had sufficient experience with numerous practitioners. Hands down, Dr. Zhao is the finest. My symptoms have nearly disappeared, including acute anxiety/stress, back and neck pain, liver detoxification, etc. She is a "God-send", capable of managing multiple levels of pain, simultaneously.

Anyone with serious medical challenges/pain should not hesitate to seek Dr. Zhao out---she finds solutions where traditional providers fail. I give her a 5* endorsement.

Susan H (Citysearch)

I was referred to this office by a friend and my experience has been wonderful! I was not producing enough breast milk for my 5 week old daughter and was supplementing with formula. Using a medical grade pump and herbs alone was not working and I was devastated. I had a wonderful, un-medicated birth, but was in labor for 1.5 days and didn’t sleep for 2 days following the birth. I never really recovered and my milk supply suffered. Two months ago, I was afraid that I would have to give up breast feeding because I’d never meet my growing daughter’s demand. Now I am able to nurse her exclusively, and it is both a gift and a privilege that I will forever be grateful for!


Very Knowledgeable! – I went to Ying as a last resort before starting invasive fertility treatments. After many months of trying to conceive, I was able to get pregnant twice but both pregnancies ended in early miscarraige. We were devestated and desperate, and while I wasn't optimistic I made an appointment for a consultation with Ying. She performed an exam where she checked my tongue and pulse and then asked lots of questions about my lifestyle, stress level, sleeping habits, cycle, whether I felt hot or cold, and more. It made so much sense that she didn't just focus on my menstrual cycle like the fertility doctors did and rather took a holistic approach to fertility. Ying was so knowledgeable and friendly that I began treatment that day. Each time I came in, we discussed my symptoms, looked at my temperature charts and she adjusted treatment accordingly. In a month I was pregnant! I continued the treatments throughout my first trimester to avoid another miscarriage and now I'm thrilled to say that I'm 33 weeks pregnant and looking forward to meeting my baby girlsoon. The treatments were very pleasant and relaxing and I always felt refreshed after leaving her office.

Ying is very caring and genuinely concerned with the welfare of her patients. I would recommend her to anyone with fertility problems.

KBarber (Citysearch)

Dr. Zhao Helped Me!
I am a runner, and runners from time to time get injured. Mine was a severely strained hamstring. I tried massage and conventional medication like ibuprofen, as well as gentle stretching. Nothing was working and I could not run. So I tried acupuncture from Dr. Zhao. She quickly diagnosed the problem and applied her needles to the troubled area, using electro-stimulation. Afterward, she provided a brief pressure-and-release massage to the exact spot on the hamstring that was in a knot. Fortunately I responded to the first treatment, but had two more treatments for good measure. I was able to run normally within a week. Each treatment lasted only 30 minutes, and was highly effective. Each day I run, I have confidence knowing that in the future I will have Dr. Zhao as a resource to address problems associated with running, such as my hamstring injury. Her professional and efficiency can be used as standards in the practice.

John Samsel (Citysearch)

Phenomenal service, attention, and comfort - I'm a skeptic of alternative medicine, but Dr. Wu really knows what he's doing. I had awful "pipe headaches" for years that went through the left side of my head. After the first visit, they disappeared completely and never came back. I went a few more times just to make sure they stayed away, and everytime, he was always an excellent listener and did whatever it took to make the best of my experience.

Mike C. (Citysearch)

Strongly Recommend – Dr. Wu can help you. After waiting over a month with excruciating back pain, I decided to try acupuncture again and was pleased to find Dr. Wu right on Rte. 9 just ten minutes from my home.

I was taking anti-inflammatory and pain medication and could not stand up or sit without pain. Now, just one month later I'm off the medications and standing and walking normally.

Dr. Wu's genuine concern, cheerful efficient service and experience are just a few of the reasons I highly recommend him to anyone seeking relief from pain.

Lex H. (Citysearch)

The best acupuncturist in Hudson Valley – Dr. Wu's smiling face greets every client as they enter ridding any fears one might have. His vast knowledge and talents help ease or rid clients of a wide range of pains and aliments. He is an expert in infertility and has helped many couples fulfil their dreams . I personally no longer take ANY medications having gone to Dr. Wu for only a year. His warm compassionate heart helps all who enter his office. I have recommended many to this skillful man.

Pat Goldman (Citysearch)

Great acupunturist – Dr.Wu's skillfulness is seen as soon as one enters the office. His smiling face and kindness puts everyone who enters at ease. His postiveness and energy heals as he speaks to his clients and his treatments are quick and comforting. I have recommended Dr. Wu to many.

Ruth (Citysearch)

I have been seeing Dr. Wu since January and I have never felt better in my life! I wish I had gone to him years ago! He has helped my neck pain, allergies, stress, arthritis, the list goes on... Thank you Dr. Wu for being such a good doctor. He is so easy to talk to and he has a great sense of humor as well!! Thank you!!!

Deborah F. (Citysearch)

Pain Free – I have struggled with headaches and neck pain for over 10 years. Dr. Wu is the only doctor who was able to give me relief from my pain with acupuncture. He is a very caring doctor. Dr. Wu is very talented and skilled in his field. I will continue to recommend Dr. Wu to all of my friends and family!

K.R. (Citysearch)