More Testimonials from our patients

    I have been suffering from constipation for about 5 years, i have tried various kinds of treatments and medications. But nothing seemed to help. My friend recommended me to try acupuncture, and refered me to Dr. Ying. I started treatment about a month ago, she started to treat me with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After three sessions, my condition has been greatly improved. Now, i am finished with my treatment, and my constipation has been cured. In addition, the treatments have helped me with my acne problems. I am very grateful that i was introduced to acupuncture, and Dr. Ying is a wonderful acupuncturist. I would definitely recommend her to everyone.


    I can't express in words my thanks for everything you have done to help me bring my son into the world. Thanks to you dedicated acupuncture treatments. I finally got pregnant after many fertility treatments failed. Thank you, Dr Ying!


    This is a narration of something that happened in my life. I want to begin by thanking Dr Ying for my well being, physically and mentally. For a long time, and when I say long time I don’t mean one or two months, but almost two years, I had been looking for something to alleviate my pain on my lower back and my right leg. I saw three different doctors of conventional medicine. I got many exams done. I went through treatments and took medicine that only relieved the pain temporally until the effect went away. The terrible pain would come and come and that was affecting my daily life terribly. Day by day I was filled with frustration just by thinking that I had to suffer from this pain for the rest of my life.

    I was like many other people that didn’t know what acupuncture and acupressure are, and I didn’t believe in it. But my desperation made me try acupuncture as my last alternative to see if it would help in any way. After one month of acupuncture treatment my pain is gone! And the stress that my pain was causing is also gone! It’s almost incredible that I didn’t try this treatment before, and I left it as a last resource for not believing in oriental traditional medicine. Now I feel great! Thank Dr Ying for help me with the pain that I had for two years, and that is now gone. Thank you!


    My name is Flavia. For a long time I was trying to get pregnant until I finally decided to visit a fertility specialist. I was diagnosed with "hydrosalpinx", and even with IVF,I only have 1% of chance getting pregnant. Hydrosalpinx is a condition that blocks the philopian tubes with water and it makes it impossible to get pregnant without IVF.

    I did IVF three times. The first two times failed. My infertility doctor referred me to do acupuncture. He told me acupuncture can increase the successful rate of IVF. So I started to do acupuncture with Dr Ying Zhao, which was one month before my third IVF cycle. It was a miracle! My body reacted quickly to the injections when I started the third IVF cycle. That was totally different with the first two times. Finally, I got pregnant! I continued getting acupuncture treatment until I was three months pregnant. Now I have a beautiful baby girl!

    I trust acupuncture! I know that it has a lot to do with me getting pregnant. Dr Ying is very professional and knowledgeable. She made me feel so comfortable and confident. I recommend acupuncture and Dr Ying to anyone in my situation. sincerely!

    Flavia (Citysearch)

    I never believed in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine or Alternative Medicine until I started receiving treatments from Ying. She is the most amazing practitioner of alternative medicine there is. I bring everyone I know to her, and they are all in agreement. Since I started treatments, I am NEVER sick. These days - life is stressful, and she teaches you about understanding your body and taking care of yourself. She can help cure many aliments without harmful medications. The work that she has done helping people with chronic pain and fertility is amazing. You too will become a believer! She is the best. I was shocked to see Citysearch had reviews for her (I thought it was just for Restaurants/Bars)? So I felt compelled to share my wonderful experience.

    AngeeVee (Citysearch)

    Acupuncture does work! – I went to Dr Zhao looking for an explanation and/or solution to some anxiety/stress symptoms. After talking to Dr Zhao, she quickly pinpointed my problem/symptoms as the result of stress accummulation over a long period of time. I was a bit incredulous about the treatment but after listening to her explanation I kinda decided to try it out. It turns out, this stuff really works.. I've witnessed some amazing improvements over my condition and every time I can't wait for the next session so I can make myself feel better. Dr Zhao is WONDERFUL, she really cares about you.

    Rudy (Citysearch)

    I was referred to this office by a friend and my experience has been wonderful! I was not producing enough breast milk for my 5 week old daughter and was supplementing with formula. Using a medical grade pump and herbs alone was not working and I was devastated. I had a wonderful, un-medicated birth, but was in labor for 1.5 days and didn’t sleep for 2 days following the birth. I never really recovered and my milk supply suffered. Two months ago, I was afraid that I would have to give up breast feeding because I’d never meet my growing daughter’s demand. Now I am able to nurse her exclusively, and it is both a gift and a privilege that I will forever be grateful for!


    Very Knowledgeable! – I went to Ying as a last resort before starting invasive fertility treatments. After many months of trying to conceive, I was able to get pregnant twice but both pregnancies ended in early miscarraige. We were devestated and desperate, and while I wasn't optimistic I made an appointment for a consultation with Ying. She performed an exam where she checked my tongue and pulse and then asked lots of questions about my lifestyle, stress level, sleeping habits, cycle, whether I felt hot or cold, and more. It made so much sense that she didn't just focus on my menstrual cycle like the fertility doctors did and rather took a holistic approach to fertility. Ying was so knowledgeable and friendly that I began treatment that day. Each time I came in, we discussed my symptoms, looked at my temperature charts and she adjusted treatment accordingly. In a month I was pregnant! I continued the treatments throughout my first trimester to avoid another miscarriage and now I'm thrilled to say that I'm 33 weeks pregnant and looking forward to meeting my baby girlsoon. The treatments were very pleasant and relaxing and I always felt refreshed after leaving her office.

    Ying is very caring and genuinely concerned with the welfare of her patients. I would recommend her to anyone with fertility problems.

    KBarber (Citysearch)

    Best Acupuncturist, She does her work with extreme care and patient – I started seeking alternative treatment for my back pain I sustained from sports injury in June. I have tried physical therapy and chiropractor in the beginning and the effect was not minimal. However, it was acupuncture that really revived my back and put me back to cycling. I could feel the improvement after a few treatments and now I am free of pain. Dr. Ying is an experienced acupuncturist and does it with extreme care and patience. I will highly recommend Dr. Ying to anyone who suffers the same problem as me.

    David (Citysearch)

    Amazing – In a matter of a few months Dr. Wu has made me come alive both physically and emotionally. He is truly a one of a kind doctor and gives such excellent care and advice to all his patients. Dr. Wu is not only a miracle doctor-he gives his patients 110% and is a 24/7 doctor as well. The best part- he is one who dedicates himself to making his patients well.

    I am overwhelmed by Dr. Wu’s dedication-His office is a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Your health comes first with him-his insight for his patients is amazing. Dr. Wu has turned my life into a positive and healthy one. I never imagined I could feel as well as I do now and in such a short time too!

    Eileen (Citysearch)

    The best acupuncturist in Hudson Valley – Dr. Wu's smiling face greets every client as they enter ridding any fears one might have. His vast knowledge and talents help ease or rid clients of a wide range of pains and aliments. He is an expert in infertility and has helped many couples fulfil their dreams . I personally no longer take ANY medications having gone to Dr. Wu for only a year. His warm compassionate heart helps all who enter his office. I have recommended many to this skillful man.

    Pat Goldman (Citysearch)

    Great acupunturist – Dr.Wu's skillfulness is seen as soon as one enters the office. His smiling face and kindness puts everyone who enters at ease. His postiveness and energy heals as he speaks to his clients and his treatments are quick and comforting. I have recommended Dr. Wu to many.

    Ruth (Citysearch)

    I have been seeing Dr. Wu since January and I have never felt better in my life! I wish I had gone to him years ago! He has helped my neck pain, allergies, stress, arthritis, the list goes on... Thank you Dr. Wu for being such a good doctor. He is so easy to talk to and he has a great sense of humor as well!! Thank you!!!

    Deborah F. (Citysearch)

    Phenomenal service, attention, and comfort - I'm a skeptic of alternative medicine, but Dr. Wu really knows what he's doing. I had awful "pipe headaches" for years that went through the left side of my head. After the first visit, they disappeared completely and never came back. I went a few more times just to make sure they stayed away, and everytime, he was always an excellent listener and did whatever it took to make the best of my experience.

    Mike C. (Citysearch)

    Strongly Recommend – Dr. Wu can help you. After waiting over a month with excruciating back pain, I decided to try acupuncture again and was pleased to find Dr. Wu right on Rte. 9 just ten minutes from my home.

    I was taking anti-inflammatory and pain medication and could not stand up or sit without pain. Now, just one month later I'm off the medications and standing and walking normally.

    Dr. Wu's genuine concern, cheerful efficient service and experience are just a few of the reasons I highly recommend him to anyone seeking relief from pain.

    Lex H. (Citysearch)

Ying is the best!
I can't say enough positive things about Ying Zhao. She is very knowledgeable and kind. The moment you meet her you will understand what I mean. She genuinely cares about her patients and is very accommodating. She took care of my elderly mother like she was her own. I've been to other places for acupuncture/acupressure and they can't compare to the attention and service you get from Ying Zhao. I highly recommend her.

Svorillas (Citysearch)

Dr. Zhao Helped Me!
I am a runner, and runners from time to time get injured. Mine was a severely strained hamstring. I tried massage and conventional medication like ibuprofen, as well as gentle stretching. Nothing was working and I could not run. So I tried acupuncture from Dr. Zhao. She quickly diagnosed the problem and applied her needles to the troubled area, using electro-stimulation. Afterward, she provided a brief pressure-and-release massage to the exact spot on the hamstring that was in a knot. Fortunately I responded to the first treatment, but had two more treatments for good measure. I was able to run normally within a week. Each treatment lasted only 30 minutes, and was highly effective. Each day I run, I have confidence knowing that in the future I will have Dr. Zhao as a resource to address problems associated with running, such as my hamstring injury. Her professional and efficiency can be used as standards in the practice.

John Samsel (Citysearch)

Wonderful acupuncturist!
I first went to see Ying Zhao after coming off of birth control pills and suffering from secondary amenorrhea. My husband and I desperately wanted to get pregnant at the time but unfortunately, I didn't ovulate for nearly a year after coming off the pill. I went to see Ying in the winter of that year and within 4 months, not only was I ovulating again, but I became pregnant right away. Now I am the mother of a beautiful, healthy 3 month old boy! I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received. Ying is a wonderful acupuncturist. She is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, kind and doesn't overcharge like so many other fertility doctors and acupuncturists do. She really just wants to help people and she sure helped me. I honestly cannot thank her enough and would go back again in a heartbeat if I needed to. I highly recommend using her for any acupuncture needs.

Luvyanks (Citysearch)

I've suffered from a painful back/neck spasm for several years. I somehow managed the pain and stiffness over that time, but six months ago I had a real crisis that forced me to seek medical attention. I began traditional physical therapy twice per week. Though I was careful with my activities and disciplined with my exercises at home, four months into treatment it was still too painful to walk around with my purse over my shoulder. Dr. Ying was recommended to me by a friend who had excellent results with his lower back - and I regret not having done this sooner. Dr. Ying is extremely professional and caring. I'm amazed of how well she knows where my pain is and how careful and knowledgeable she is while treating it. I still have a few treatments to go, but have improved so much, so quickly. Thank You Dr. Ying :)

N Stutz(Citysearch)

Acupuncture Works!!
When people bring up acupuncture, they ask questions like, Does that stuff really work?? Since they are generally uninformed, these folks view acupuncture as some type of pseudoscience. As a 46 year old woman who has suffered pain associated with endometriosis, I can tell you that yes, without a doubt, acupuncture works! My recent visits to Ying Zhao, located at 141 E. 55th Street, Suite 7F, New York, NY 10022, have meant the difference between having functional, productive days at the office or not. One day in August of this year, I woke up with PMS so bad that at first, I thought I’d injured my back lifting something too heavy. Then I realized I was retaining a lot of water and had a lot of pain as I usually do when I am premenstrual. These symptoms were pretty severe and lasted a good 12 days before I began my period. This seemed like too much and it prompted me to seek help from Ying as well as an endometriosis specialist. Just one month from the time I began acupuncture treatments with Ying, I experienced total relief from PMS and endometriosis pain. I actually gave her a big hug because she helped me so much. Ying is an acupuncturist, trained in China by advanced experts in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine. Fertility issues are her specialty and she helps many women who are not able to conceive to eventually get pregnant. She also helps many people that come to her with complaints related to stress and anxiety , common problems to people living and working in New York City. Ying is not only knowledgeable and skilled; she is a gentle and lovely soul who genuinely cares about her patients. I consider her services to be excellent! even magic! as compared to some of the treatments commonly recommended to women with female issues. She also gives a great neck and head massage at the end of her sessions. Don’t hesitate to give her a call today, you will be glad you kept an open mind to acupuncture!

TLH (Citysearch)

I sought treatment from Dr. Ying Zhao as a result of an injury I suffered during exercise classes. The injury was to my left ankle and the swelling expanded to the size of a grapefruit. The pain from the injury was very excruciating and I was unable to walk without limping. With only two treatments from Dr. Ying Zhao, the swelling subsided and now there is no pain at all. After barely being able to walk I am now returning to both my exercise classes and to the golf course. I come from a medical family with both my grandfather and two uncles holding MD degrees and I found that Dr, Ying Zhao combines a profound knowledge of acupuncture with a gracious and caring manner that one seldom encounters in the hurly burly world of New York medical practitioners. I highly recommend Dr. Ying Zhao. She is an extraordinary healer.

Charles (Citysearch)

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Wu for helping me with my chronic pain. Three years ago, I had an operation that went horribly wrong. Because of the complications from that operation I had chronic abdominal pain with constipation. I had consulted with several physicians and underwent numerous forms of testing (CT scans, ultrasounds, MRI’s), but no doctor could tell me what was causing the pain and how I could resolve it. I even went to physical therapy for my abdominal pains but that didn’t help as well. A friend of mine suggested that I try acupuncture, and I’m glad I decided to do so.


Dr. Zhao is unequivocally, the finest alternative medicine practioner in New York. She is highly intuitive, compassionate, empathetic and able to zero in on the exact "chi" blockage, eliminating pain and anguish within a session or two. During the past 30+ years, having received acapuncture treatments, throughout highly diverse countries, I have had sufficient experience with numerous practitioners. Hands down, Dr. Zhao is the finest. My symptoms have nearly disappeared, including acute anxiety/stress, back and neck pain, liver detoxification, etc. She is a "God-send", capable of managing multiple levels of pain, simultaneously.

Anyone with serious medical challenges/pain should not hesitate to seek Dr. Zhao out---she finds solutions where traditional providers fail. I give her a 5* endorsement.

Susan H (Citysearch)

I had a condition called De Quervain on my wrist. My doctor recommended several treatments that did not work. The last resort was surgery. An acquaintance suggested that I see Dr. Zhao for accupuncture. Dr. Zhao was very nice and worked hard on my hand treatments. It took a few months and I am happy to say that the pain in my hand is gone.

Rita K (Citysearch)

From strong pain to no pain – In the early summer, I had spinal surgery and almost immediately after I suffered from an excruciating back pain that went all the way down to my right foot which prevented me from sleeping and subsequently, became depressed. I read the reviews online about Dr. Zhao's clinic and felt compelled to try Acupuncture for the first time.

After my first treatment, I instantly felt a difference. After six sessions of treament, my pain is nearly gone. I can sleep well at night now and now I'm doing treatment for my knees (they've been bothering me for a long time) with just two sessions of treatment, I've felt much better.

Excellent acupuncturist!! :)

Lombardiman (Citysearch)

NYC has never had a better acupucturist, available every day, lowest price in the city. – Dr ying is the best acupucturist I have ever been to, her treatments are affortable and guaranteed, she treated my facial paralylisis and now I'm copletetly cured. Now she is treating my stress twice a week and its definitely working. I highly recomend her practice.

Dechiquito (Citysearch)

great acupuncturist – I have been to other acupuncturists and feel that Dr. Wu is by far the best. He is knowledgeable and highly skilled in this field. He is understanding and caring and truly wants to help his patients. I went to him while undergoing IVF and his treatments relaxed me, improved my circulation, regulated my cycle and eventually helped me achieve and carry out a successful pregnancy.

Lisa (Citysearch)

Pain Free – I have struggled with headaches and neck pain for over 10 years. Dr. Wu is the only doctor who was able to give me relief from my pain with acupuncture. He is a very caring doctor. Dr. Wu is very talented and skilled in his field. I will continue to recommend Dr. Wu to all of my friends and family!

K.R. (Citysearch)

Highly Recommend – Due is Days! Dr. Wu helped me with acupuncture after I had a frozen embryo transfer in May 2011. He always made every effort to accommodate my schedule when we were making appointments. I started back to see Dr. Wu in week 38 of my pregnancy to help with labor and delivery. I saw him yesterday and had bad back pain from the weight of the baby. By the time I left his office my back felt much better. He is very caring and has a lot of experience with acupuncture.

Stephanie R. (Citysearch)

AMAZING results after 1st visit for frozen shoulders – Dr. Wu performed a miracle. For ~4 months both of my shoulders have been hurting and I was unable to lift them above my head. I went to a traditional doctor and they took Xrays, gave me anti-inflammatory pills, sent me to physical therapy. No progress! After ONE visit to Dr. Wu I fully regained my range of motion and the pain was almost vanished allowing me to sleep at night.

Paul G. (Citysearch)